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Travel Emergency Services

EMA Finland’s travel emergency services assist customers who fall ill or get injured during their trip. We help our customers to get the medical care they need anywhere in the world and provide patient transfers and repatriations according to the patient’s condition.

Our Emergency Service is Available 24/7

+358 9431 50112

From our Travel Emergency line our customers will get in touch with a Coordinator or Nurse at any time of the day.

EMA Helps You Receive Care During Your Travel

Our travel emergency services provide remote guidance to customers who have fallen ill or been injured while travelling. We offer instructions on how to handle various situations, assess the need for medical care, and arrange treatment if necessary. 

On your behalf, we can schedule you an appointment with a doctor at the travel destination, help with finding hospital care, or plan a patient transfer back to your home country or another care facility. Patient transfer is always based on the decisions of our medical transfer team while considering the client’s wishes and special needs.

Travel emergency services are included in many travel insurances, but we also serve individual customers around the world in various health-related matters. Our customizable services are also available for companies.